Q:  Do we have a catalogue/brochure of our paintings that can mail to new customers free of charge? Can we offer more samples except the 40,000 pics showing online?

A:  We can send you our CD catalogue with your first order together if you want to show it to your customers. So please submit your trial order online at first.
We solemnly declare that we have all the rights reserved for our creation of paintings. Reproduction or coping without our authorization would constitute piracy and violation of law. 
Q:  How many painters/artists work for us? How many paintings we can paint every month?
A:  Toperfect have 100 odd own painters. 
Our monthly output includes 2,000 odd high quality paintings, 20,000 odd medium and commercial quality paintings.
Usually, boat shipping is our first choice for exporting paintings, especially for commercial-quality oil paintings. 
Q:  How do our clients check the status of their orders?
A:  Pls sign in your account and check the order status. If there is any question arising from your ordered paintings and frame, we will notify you before delivery. 
Q:  Some clients send samples of paintings and want us to paint with oil or acrylic paints. How to send so as to get desired high quality? Do we prefer email-attachments or photos by regular mail?
A:  Original sample pictures can be either email attachments or photos by regular mail. We prefer photos by regular mail. 
Q:  What's the minimum quantity requirement to ship?
A:  No minimum. 
Q:  Can paintings be reproduced in sizes other than the sizes that are listed in our price list?
A:  Yes. Custom sizes are available. The width is up to 3.8 meters, no limit to length. 
Q:  About the artists' autograph on paintings?
A:  Our artists are skilled enough to do quality paintings for our clients. So Some of our clients are very satisfied with the fact that some of our artists will be famous someday. 
Please let us know if you are keen to have their signatures on your favorite paintings.
We never use any signatures, seals or other signals on paintings without your approval so as to avoid inconvenience.
You can also propose signatures or ways of signing of your desire on paintings, we'll satisfy you. 
Q:  Do we offer free samples?
A:  Since it is the first time that we do business, we can fully understand your position and the reason of your request for free samples.
On account of this, we would like to accept 40% down payment (no limit on the total value) up front to start painting upon request; then if you request we will take digital photos of the finished paintings before shipment,demonstrating the quantity and the quality of paintings and email the photos to you for your confirmation. 
You may send the remaining payment after having received our emailed photos of your orders and found them satisfying; If not satisfied, we would like to do anything according to your taste until our paintings meet your requirements.